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The first time I tried Yoga I quit🤦🏻‍♀️

Rewind to 2010. I had a hip injury and was in a lot of pain from running and standing all day. I had heard that yoga was a good compliment to my fitness routine, so decided to give it a try. I found a local studio, bought the mat, outfit and showed up for class. Guess what? It was hard, awkward and confusing-but I was determined to get back to running. After a few weeks things felt better! I thought "I am healed! Yah!" and promptly stopped attending classes. 


You can probably guess what happened next...the injury came back again-and with even more pain. This time when I returned to Yoga I knew I would need to give it longer to work, and after about 3 months it became part of who I was. Since my return to practice I have found not only physical, but mental and spiritual healing I didn't even know I needed.


Now when people are new or returning to yoga I can't stop thinking about how so many people are like me, stopping the practice when it gets hard, uncomfortable or once symptoms get better. If they don't return they will never get to experience the full benefits of the practice.


Here's the lesson: learn from my mistake, and if things get hard or confusing reach out. There is a whole community & teachers here rooting for you!

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