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Setting Intentions October 2022

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

अथ योगानुशासनम् ॥ १.१ ॥

atha yogānuśāsanam || 1.1 ||

NOW begins the practice of Yoga. Pantanjali's first Yoga Sutra. Seemed fitting to start this blog with it. Why start a blog I asked myself this morning? Does anyone even read blogs anymore? I'm not sure but a big piece of why I am writing it is for myself. My intention is to have a space to share the teachings from my Gurudevi, particularly those from our Yoga Psychology and Philosophy class, Being Yoga.

There are many big themes that show up over and over again in my practice and teaching, but a big one is to be clear on why you are doing anything. The idea to start this blog came from my book homework in my Guru Para Parum training at Rasa Yoga. With the help of my mentor, we brainstormed many ideas. A quote from the Yoga of the None Emotions by Peter March came to mind; "Paying the debt to the teaching has nothing to do with paying the teacher for giving classes." He goes on to say "the real debt owed to the teacher is that of passing ob the teaching to others. Every student in turn has to become a teacher and pass on the teaching, preferably by adding his or her own experience to it.". And so the idea for this blog was born, a place I hope to repay in a small way the teachings that have been passed to me from my Gurudevi. The words here are completely my own, drawn from my experience and my perspective. My prayer is this is a sort of vehicle for transformation and greater understanding for myself. And if you have stumbled upon this, welcome friend, I hope you find some insights or inspiration as well.

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