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It's never to late to start again....

This blog has been moving at the speed of a snail. I know the power of making small steps forward when tackling a big project. PS if you have not read Atomic Habits by James Clear download the audio book today! Yet I kept telling myself I needed a bigger space in my day to write. Everyday I write "Blog post" in my planner, and it never gets marked off. Today is the day! One of the biggest lessons from my yoga practice is that it is never too late to start over. To come back to the top of your mat, take a deep breath and begin brand new. The more I practice I wonder if the real goal isn't checking everything off the list, hitting benchmarks or goals but actually strengthening your ability to notice when things go off the rails. Getting clear on what you want and starting from where you are.

Why do we stop making progress on a goal? Sometimes when you are not making progress on a goal, it is not a goal that you really want. Are there areas in your life you are doing the same rituals, actions but not sure why? Perhaps something needs to shift-your goal is different than you thought. Clarity is needed. Maybe the timing on your goal or vision isn't on YOUR timeline, and yet we can never know that until we look in the rearview mirror. If you still have a vision for your goal, try incorporating Ishvara Pranidhana or surrender to your source, knowing that everything is moving toward greater good. I have also experienced that fear is a great deterrent to making progress. All of a sudden all that laundry looks like a great way to spend your time instead of what you said would move your closer to your vision. If fear is holding you back, notice where you feel it in your body. Come back to your breath, and then cultivate or turn towards the tools you have to inspire you to move through that. A playlist, podcast, workout, friend who cheers you on or journal are all great options. Then remember what I tell my daughter all the time: being brave doesn't mean you are not scared-it means you do it anyway!

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